A year ago, I ran across Sarah Doody’s article on the storytelling value of UX Designers to organizational Product Development. The article drives home the importance of knowing your product’s story. Before implementing, before iterating, we have to ask: what is the story we are telling?

Here’s a story:

Contrary to popular urban legend, the infant Ben X Trinh was not rocketed to Earth from a dying planet. He was in fact born in Arkansas and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.

The details of his storied adolescence have been lost to a pre-internet bygone era. One legend purports, however, that he once saved his city from an invading army of cyborg Catholic School children. Today, it is known that he now currently resides in Brooklyn; but again, details do remain somewhat hazy.

There remains but one incontrovertible truth about Ben X Trinh and it is this –he loves to design a good story.

I’m pursuing a career in UX because it begins with stories: the telling and the reading, the creation and the experience, the currency of human connection. 

My UX class at General Assembly begins next week. Time to learn.